# Graphics and Design

These websites have you covered with a range of graphics, templates, media, software, and educational resources. Perfect for web, print, and digital projects, and great for content creators looking to elevate their media game. Plus, tons of templates to make documents and presentations look pro. And, if you want to learn more about design, check out their tutorials and other educational resources. The resources are varied and include a myriad of categories such as premium fonts, icons, graphics packs, textures, 3D models, PSD files, video editing assets and more.

# Graphics + Video Editing

# Graphics

# Telegram Channels

# RuTracker Torrents

# Fonts

  • Find the name of the font you want.

  • Here, let's take Proxima Nova.

  • Search on google as shown below.

    • proxima nova.ttf
    • site:vk.com proxima nova.ttf
    • site:github.com proxima nova.ttf
  • You can also search directly on GitHub.

  • Make sure you're logged in.

    • Search like this.
    • extension:ttf extension:otf filename:proxima nova