# Clean Reddit Experience

Customize your Reddit experience. Say goodbye to annoying ads and cluttered content by utilizing the tools and resources curated here. Streamline your browsing experience for a cleaner and more enjoyable interface. Trust us to guide you towards a better experience on Reddit - one that's free from pesky advertisements and unnecessary clutter.


  • Reddit Filters, II v2023.37
    • A modified version of the official Reddit app. Filter out unwanted content from your Reddit feed, such as promoted, recommended, livestreams etc. Configurable from in-app settings. To enable these filters, please refer to the instructions here.
    • Use this tool to install above app.
    • Other options to install are here.
    • iOS 14.0 - 15.4.1 (15.5b4) devices can use TrollStore.
    • Older Version Here, Mirror v2023.16
    • Source
  • Dystopia
    • A simple, accessibilty focused Reddit client. Free access to the Reddit API will continue to be provided to accessibilty clients so this is and will stay a sweet way to browse reddit. Additionaly, there is a certain beauty in the simple design.
    • Access the TestFlight here.
    • IPA File v1.0
      • In case you want to sideload and for safekeeping.
  • Narwhal
    • Good application. Works free while the developer finalizes a paid system with the new API.
  • Patched Apollo
    • Yes. You can still use Apollo. With your own Client ID. Have fun.
  • Alerts
    • Allows you to receive phone notifications for hot new posts on your favorite subreddits, or by your favorite users. Only notifications, can't browse reddit.


  • Reddit Filter Tweak
    • Visit above link on a jailbroken device and then install it. Make sure you have the official Reddit app installed as well.
  • Apollo Custom API
    • Use your own API key with Apollo.
    • Get the deb from here.


  • Sink It For Reddit
    • A super minimal, hyper focused Safari extension that declutters Reddit's web version and makes it usable. It removes the "use our app" banners, buttons and nags on Reddit as well as remove "promotional" content.
  • Redited, II, III v2023.04
    • A modified version of the official Reddit app that removes ads.
      • Allows you to use the app without logging in.
    • Source
  • Reddit Revanced
    • Disables ads, unlocks premium Reddit icons and removes tracking elements from shared URL's. Another tweaked version of the offical Reddit app.
    • Can't use this one without logging in.
    • Source
  • RedReader Accessibility Exemption
    • An unofficial, open source Android client for Reddit.
  • Patch Third Party Apps Good Stuff
    • Patches have been released which allow you to use your beloved third party Android clients such as Sync, Boost, RIF, Relay, Bacon and Infinity with your own Client ID. Many of these patches also remove ads.
  • Alerts
    • Allows you to receive phone notifications for hot new posts on your favorite subreddits, or by your favorite users. Only notifications, can't browse reddit.
  • Third Party Apps
    • The developers of these applications will respect the API changes and keep providing services at increased costs. Currently, all these are free while the devs work out the new pricing.
  • old.reddit.com
    • The only way Reddit should be surfed using a browser. Bypasses the cluttered and obnoxious choices of new Reddit redesign.
    • Pair with this extension which forces all reddit links to load using old.reddit.com scheme.
    • Don't forget RES! Adds dark mode plus a handful of other enhancements.
  • Luna Accessibility Exemption
    • The windows client for screen reader users that is stepping up to the plate and accepting the challenge to make Reddit as accessible as they will allow. Luna implements as many relevant api's as possible into a sleek, fast interface that presents you with all the details that you choose.

# Patching Third Party Apps

Use your beloved third party Reddit applications with your own Client ID.

Please follow all the steps in order. iOS 15+ only.

  • Log out of Apollo and uninstall it.
  • Install AltServer on your PC and subsequently your phone from here.
    • Detailed instructions can be found here.
  • For pre - patched Apollo IPA, head further down this page to the Alternate Method.
  • Use the alternate method first as you simply need to sideload already patched IPA.


  1. Download and install Sideloadly from here.
  2. Download decrypted Apollo IPA.
  3. Download Artemis tweak deb file.
  4. Open Sideloadly, go to advanced options.
  5. Change Signing Mode to Export IPA.
  6. Enable Inject Dylibs/Frameworks and click +Dylib/Deb/Bundle and select the tweak deb file from step 3.
  7. Turn off Automatic Bundle ID and type in something like com.name.Apollo. Replace name with anything you fancy.
  8. Drag the decrypted Apollo .ipa file from Step 2 onto the top right icon in Sideloadly.
  9. Select a save location, and Airdrop or transfer the new saved IPA onto your iPhone.


  1. Open AltStore on your phone.
  2. Ensure that your iPhone is connected to the PC.
  3. Press the + icon at top right corner of AltStore on your phone.
  4. Select the tweaked Apollo IPA file from Step 10 above.
  5. Open the freshly sideloaded Apollo application.
  6. Follow the Artemis instructions on screen to get your own Reddit API key.
  7. Log in and enjoy!


If the method above doesn't work for you, try this one. Much simpler as the patching has already been done. Apollo Pro and themes unlocked.

  1. Download either of the following pre-patched IPA:
  2. Install it with Sideloadly, not AltStore.
    • After loading this IPA in Sideloadly, don't change anything except the Signing Mode to "Apple ID Sideload".
  • TrollStore users can simply install above IPA without any need for modifying with Sideloadly.
  • 💡 You can also try sideloading the IPA with SideStore. Compared to AltStore and Sideloadly, you don't need a computer to keep applications refreshed after the initial install, only a WiFi connection.


If you are having trouble above.

  1. Head to this page on Reddit.
  2. Click on Create an app.
  3. Enter an application name of your choosing.
  4. Tick the option of Installed App.
  5. Enter the about URL.
    • https://google.com
  6. Enter the redirect URL.
    • apollo://reddit-oauth
  7. Click on Create app.
  8. Copy the client ID. It is a string of random numbers and letters.


You need to create an Imgur account first. Imgur client ID is not necessarily needed but can be beneficial if some images don't load.

  1. Head to this page.
  2. Create an application.
    • Authorization Type: OK with "OAuth 2 authorization without a callback URL"
    • Fill rest of the info as needed.
  3. You will now have a Client ID.
  1. Head to this page on Reddit.
  2. Click on Create an app.
  3. Enter an application name of your choosing.
  4. Tick the option of Installed App.
  5. Enter the redirect URL.
    • http://redditsync/auth Sync
    • http://rubenmayayo.com Boost
    • redditisfun://auth RIF
    • dbrady://relay Relay
    • http://baconreader.com/auth Bacon
    • infinity://localhost Infinity
  6. Click on Create app.
  7. Copy the client ID. It is a string of random numbers and letters.
  8. Now, you will need to create a .txt file and place it at root of your phone's internal storage.
    • TXT file name should be reddit_client_id_revanced.txt
    • TXT file should only contain your client ID which you copied in step 7 above.
    • Use this app to create the .TXT file.
    • Root of phone storage is typically /storage/emulated/0/<file here>
  9. Install latest version of ReVanced Manager from here.
    • Grant it access to all files.
  10. Uninstall any official version of the application which you want to patch that is already present on the system.
  11. Grab the APK files of various Reddit clients from below. Just download. Don't install.
  12. Open ReVanced Manager.
  13. Click on Patcher.
  14. Select an application.
  15. Press the storage button and select the APK file of the Reddit client you want to patch.
  16. Click on Selected Patches card.
  17. Tap the default button and then press done.
    • Not all apps have the patch to remove ads btw.
  18. Press Patch and wait for it to finish.
  19. Click on Install button to install the patched APK.
    • You might get a pop up from Google Play protect.
    • If so, press More Details and then Install Anyway button.
  20. Profit.

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